Super Kid Capes

Super Grayson

Super Kid Capes
Custom super hero capes for your little super hero!

Whether the powers are flying, zapping, whizzing, spinning, coloring, transforming, teaching, healing, fixing, or the ever popular, sonic screaming and energy blasts….every child needs a cape to transform him or her into the extraordinary!

The powers may be different for every child, but the spirit of imaginative hero play is the same-kids creating a more beautiful, fair place to live… making the impossible, possible; the dull, beautiful; the darkness, light… for all mankind (mankind in this case being all of their stuffed friends, action figures, dolls, playmates, and of course their family!)

So celebrate the superhero within and give them capes that are as unique as they are!
Super Kid Cape Info
  • 20” L – Little Big Kid or 28" L - Big Kid
  • Longer capes are available by request (price may vary depending on size)
  • Reversible with the option of a different fabric color/pattern on each side.
  • Color options are endless…design consultation is the fun part!
  • Snap Fasteners for easy on and off.
  • Personalization is available – monograms, names, numbers, symbols – and are cut from coordinating fabric and appliquéd to the cape. Choose from my designs or submit a design that you or your child has sketched.
  • Sewn with an heirloom quality that would make a great keepsake for future heroes….future generations will have the unique opportunity to "wear" the adventures that came before them. 
  • Creatively packaging available – perfect for gift giving!
  • Allow two weeks for the creation and shipping of your cape.   

Fast Forward
f l y by Nest of Threads
– a play line for kids –
strives to create authentic and unique play aides
for open-ended and imaginative adventures and development.

Big Bro
I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than…
-Jack London 
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